Orange wildflowers



Man wearing ear protection standing next to truck
Workers standing next to truck bed filled with trees removed from meadow
Workers preparing to remove trees from meadow

More than 45 volunteers came to the "Save the Meadow" work morning at Barnes Preserve in Summer 2020. The meadow was overrun with tree saplings that could jeopardize the birds and pollinators that nest and feed in the meadow. Thanks to all the volunteers that worked around briars and milkweed to keep the meadow from growing into woods!

We hope you will consider volunteering to help us keep the Barnes Preserve looking great! We invite all ages that are able to help out.  

If you have a skill or are comfortable with a certain piece of equipment, please let us know. Chainsaws are sometimes needed throughout spring, summer, and fall as large trees are downed by the wind.

Check out the pictures below – great volunteers have been instrumental in getting the Barnes Preserve developed and maintained!  

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Our Friends

Thank you to our friends for helping us develop the Barnes Preserve: